Custom Composite Healthy Products

The products we prepare your special eco-friendly and health guaranteed by special certificates are produced.

Cad / Cam and Custom Designs

We specifically provide the cost savings and production deadline for the projects with all our products.

We serve with our Dealer

All models in our product range and ready for Turkey joining the variation we offer the opportunity to reach from each region.

Our Services Also Our Known Feature

Since 1993, nearly 23 years of our experience, our company specializes in the production, offering the appropriate production and automotive products certified to the quality standards you are looking for you. We provide product supply your car mats.

  • Research & Development and Design
  • Production Support
  • Specialty Products Supply
  • Bringing multi-functionality
  • Provision of Different Design Variations
  • You and Best Special Period in Production
  • Ensuring dealers and District Support
  • In short, robust and Ensure Continuous Production Service ...

Our production Tape We are serving our new factory ...

What We offer?

Each make and model of the vehicle and accessory manufacturing car mats that fit our company always aims for the highest quality and most suitable products to bring you, our valued customers ..

Our products to be used in all cars interior technically durable, flame retardants, stain-resistant, are produced in accordance with the request in compliance with the point of automotive carpets, car upholstery.

In the production of mats, carpet quality approved by automotive manufacturers, car standardization making precise cuts with special cutting dies are provided.

Different colors and quality overlook / bia sewing, embroidery, silicone / shock / frequency / transfer We offer our mats printed with various alternatives.

Upholstery carpet used in the automotive industry, PVC flooring, artificial leather, cloth and carpet car mats; roll, the production is carried out in cloth or mop.

Through our research, "vehicle-specific" PVC floor mats specially manufactured for the production of coating or car trunk, spare tire cover are produced in our company.

Our products are made from high quality non-woven carpets, with different color patterns and texture quality option.

Also Melange color, or Streaks in tone, red hairy, hairy available alternatives, such as blue. The mats are available on the driver's side foot. Our Standard also be present with universal measurements. (front 68 cm x48 cm, rear =36 cmx48 cm)

Easy cleaning of carpets made from raw, washed quickly, quick-drying, has a comfortable handle.

Different base varies according to the quality seriously lifetime base quality products with respect to the base to be or to be resistant to the product.

It has universal dimensions.(front 68 cm x48 cm, rear=36 cmx48 cm).

The desired mold in the desired size, color, custom manufacturing is done in patterns.

For you we manufacture and design

Our investment in technology and production processes where appropriate, we serve you with high quality and reliable solution.


Our Design Productivity

90% Design and Ergonomics (CAD/CAM)


Research and International Quality Assurance

90% Reliable Products (research and development)


Reporting and Planning

80%Production and Costing (PROCESS)



90% Dealer Support (Service Network)


Your Satisfaction

95% Continuity (Customer Service)

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About Us

As one of the leading brands in the industry, our company markets its products to all over Turkey and abroad continue to work with quality products and service. emphasis on customer satisfaction-oriented production and marketing, our company has implemented brand and quality conscious ISO 9001 quality standards continuously.

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